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I have never looked or felt better as when I did Crunk with you at Gold's

-ballet, running, Zumba - nothing burns as much calories

(plus I miss you!).

Fran Smitherman 


I just want to thank you for all you do... I have been attending your

workout class at the recreational center for about 2 months now and

I really see a difference because I am a praise dancer and I used to get so

tired. But now I don't get as tired as I was before....Thank You!

Kamilah Nolon


I taught my FIRST Jamme's Crunk Fitness® class tonight! I had almost

50 students! and they are AMAZING. I could not have asked for a better

first night as an instructor.
Jacoby Rice

"Thanks for such an amazing hip-hop workout! I just 'sampled’ it on

YouTube.... I'm surely going for the DVDs. What a fun time!" 

I love love love this class!!! You're working out, learning new moves,

and having fun all at the same time. Its a great way to start your day!!!

Ms. Jamme is a great instructor. She's very friendly and very funny.

If you mess up, don't worry, she will slow it down and show you the move step by step... Did I mention that I LOVE this class?!?=)
Daphney S.

This product is very fun. You don't even know your losing weight that is how much fun it is... Money is worth it.     
Meghan Minguela

You are AWESOME!!!! This class is the highlight of my week!!! This class is so much fun, I highly recommend it. I guarantee it will get you in a better mood!!! xoxoxoxo
Scout Valentine

I love Crunk Fitness, I attend with a co-worker on Mondays and we both with Weight Watchers and exercise have lost 50 lbs.
Catherine Cogmon

“I just had a baby and wanted to get back into shape. I used to dance on a regular basis years ago with much enjoyment
and wanted to find something I could keep up with. I saw a clip of this workout on You Tube and totally fell in love with
it and had to get it. If you like Hip-Hop or even just line dancing this workout is the BEST!!!!!! It is easy to learn the
moves, you have the freedom to add as much or as little personal style as you want to, and you can dance it at your own level of
intensity. ("Bounce or Hop") I love it!!! I actually give it a 10 out of 5 stars!”
Stacey Jo Scott

“Jamme, thanks for appearing on NBC 13’s Today In Alabama. You showed me and our viewers that you can get “crunk” at any age.  It was so fun I completely forgot I was working out.”
Stephanie Walker

“Great product! Bought it for my 11yr & 9yr old daughters who like to dance. As a father I wanted an appropriate
product but fun! I'm not trying to raise video vixens here. But I needed something that had moves that weren't lame
either, moves that would keep their interest so they would workout without realizing it but wasn't just teaching them
how to drop it like its hot. This is great for all of that! I even did it with them and as a typical Tae-Bo fan, I can say that
its actually a good workout for us too!”
Willie Allison Harrison

Just had an AMAZING workout...then got a speeding ticket on the way home :( Guess that Crunk Fitness got my heart rate up and my feet full of!!
Jamie Lawson Cline

“Crunk is a youthful mindset. Jamme has created an entertainment system that energizes group exercise. I have been with her class for 3 years. I look forward to clearing my mind as the beat invites me to enjoy.”  
Larry Cummings


I love this class.... I've lost 10 pounds already and plan to lose more.
Latonzia Gaston

I just wanted to let the Crunk Fitness crew know how much I have enjoyed your classes.  I go every week and always look forward to the next class.  I joined the gym at the beginning of April and immediately I knew this was the class for me.  I realized how uncoordinated I was when I started the class.  But now, I lost 20lb in the last 2 months, feel much better about myself, and I know I actually got the coordination to dance!  Not to mention the extra confidence, as I have not danced since I was a little kid.  I went from being in the back of the class to the front row.  Thanks to Michael teaching the classes there.  He always makes it fun and the next thing I know the class is over.  He kicks our butts while we are having fun and stay energized!  Thanks for bringing this to my city Jamme. I am forever grateful!
Courtney Peterson

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