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Ready to Get CRUNK?

​Experience LIVE classes with Jamme, the creator and founder of Crunk Fitness®


 Jamme’s Crunk Fitness is the super-fun dance workout that moves your body, renews your mind and lifts your spirit.


It's a fun, funky dance workout that focuses on the full body.  The class offers an amazing  experience where you're drawn into a sweat-filled explosion of  music, laughter and energizing dance. LIVE Jamme’s Crunk Fitness® classes are the perfect way to unwind, de-stress and get CRUNK!!!


So much fun you don't realize

you're working out!


1 hour - all levels


" I love Crunk Fitness because it's fun. It's a workout class where you can go and be free and learn. The results I have are that I began to workout more at home. It opened a door for me  to want to eat better and drink better and lose weight☺. Thank you for making the class a free space for me to step outside my comfort zone."                                                               - Jazz Your Queen


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