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About Jamme's Crunk Fitness

The Entertainment Workout

Jamme's Crunk Fitness is the incredibly fun, high-energy dance workout that's so much fun it doesn't feel like you're working out at all. It is a power-packed combination of basic aerobics steps and funky dance moves broken down for all levels. This total-body workout burns fat, tones the entire body, strengthens the cardiovascular system and even combats depression.

About Jamme

Founder of Crunk Fitness

Jamme Morginn is the creator and founder of Crunk Fitness, the high-energy dance workout that's so much fun it doesn't feel like you're working out. Jamme devotes a great deal of her time inspiring people to improve their health through physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices.

Jamme's first classes were in her church's basement. Later she moved to local fitness clubs, dance studios and beyond.   The high demand had her teaching so many classes that she found the need to duplicate herself.

A workout video, Jamme decided, would be the perfect way to get her workout to the people who wanted it without having to be in more than one place at a time. The workout video was a huge success so she created more videos as well as the TV show "Get Fit with Jam". In addition to being a television personality, Jamme also certifies and trains instructors to teach her Crunk Fitness workout.


Jamme is featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and television shows. The demand for Jamme's Crunk Fitness continues to grow. Helping and healing others a top priority in her life. Jamme's Crunk Fitness - It's Fuuunnnn!!!

Jamme Morginn Crunk Fitness Hip-Hop Dance Fitness Workout
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