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Yes, It’s Possible to Live a Healthier Lifestyle Under Budget — Here’s How!

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

There are many ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle, but not all of them are affordable. Here, we take a look at how healthier living can be budget-friendly and even boost your earning potential.

Does Healthier Living Save Money?

Healthier living helps you feel good, but it can also positively impact your wallet. Packing a nutrient-dense lunch is cheaper than eating out, for example, and walking is free—and might even save you a few dollars per mile traveled.

Cutting out bad habits is another way to save money. Quitting smoking, nixing a junk food habit, and limiting alcohol consumption keep cash in your pockets while boosting your health. You can also limit your caffeine intake by avoiding highly caffeinated coffee drinks like espresso and Vietnamese coffee. It can be tough to break bad habits, but being realistic about the situation and creating a multi-step plan will help.

Consider the potential rewards of changing your habits to spend less while making healthier choices. Then, make a plan to combine lower costs with higher health benefits.

Ways to Save on Wellness

Getting healthier doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are a few ways to save while living a lifestyle that’s more conducive to your wellness goals.

Buy nutrient-rich staples in bulk. Dry goods like brown rice, beans, legumes, and more are cheaper in bulk and are healthier than processed meals.

Opt for in-season fruit and veggies. Out-of-season produce is often more expensive, while local and in-season foods are typically cheaper.

Drink more water. Your body needs hydration, and water is best—not to mention it’s typically free.

Use free or low-cost wellness apps for goal tracking. Step or distance counters, reminder apps, and even app-based workouts can help you hit exercise goals with ease.

Check out employee wellness programs. Does your employer offer any wellness support, like classes, health insurance discounts for participation in programs, or other perks? Sign up and enjoy the savings.

Skip the gym. A gym membership could be motivating, but the monthly cost isn’t worth it. Instead look for fun and unique alternatives like spirit-lifting dance workouts from Jamme’s Crunk Fitness!

Make Careful Health Purchases

Product marketing might suggest that you need lots of tools and equipment to get healthy. Before investing in such products, check out in-depth reviews from reliable sources to avoid wasting money.

Similarly, watch out for products and services that claim to offer quick fixes for your health. Many supplements and weight-loss formulas promise results but are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Taking any supplement can be risky, so asking your doctor’s advice is your best bet.

Monetize Your Healthy Living

Saving money while living a healthier life is one thing—what about making money from your good habits? Monetizing your lifestyle could provide a steady income and opportunities to get even healthier.

Consider your interests and how to best monetize them into a business. You could offer personal training or meal preparation services. Or you might sell activewear or other fitness products.

Many fitness enthusiasts even create digital products to generate passive income. Consider writing a how-to eBook, creating an online course, or designing templates to continue earning over time.

When it’s time to look for clients or customers, polish up your resume with your latest accomplishments and expertise. You may want to try a resume builder which allows you to customize premade templates to create a professional-looking resume.

Healthier living doesn’t happen in a day, but taking mindful steps toward wellness doesn’t need to be expensive. Making smarter, budget-conscious choices can help you reach fitness goals, save money, and enjoy life.

Written by: Charley Sunday

"Charley Sunday understands that every home needs a strong foundation, both literally and figuratively. Charley created A Strong Foundation to help others create a space that meets their needs and helps their families grow. The site offers advice on how to focus on your family’s needs and desires — instead of keeping up with the Joneses or living up to society’s expectations."

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