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Jammes Crunk Fitness Hip-Hop Aerobics Dance Workout

Atlanta, GA


My name is Chris Brown (and yes that's my real name) and I am a Registered Nurse.  I've taught step aerobics since 2007 and Crunk Fitness since 2011.

My best friend that I danced with in college became a Crunk Instructor and I attended his classes and from there-on I was hooked.

Crunk Fitness is a class unlike any other.  It's fun, up-beat, motivational and did I mention FUN???  You hardly even realize that you're working out while busting the latest dance moves.  It provides a healthy environment without all of the "difficult stigma" that tends to surround cardio workouts.  You'll feel like a superstar after you complete the class and you'll be eager for the next session.

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