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Find Classes

Find a Crunk Fitness class in YOUR area. It's the quickest way to get fit.

It’s easy. Just click the button below and you can find a Jamme's Crunk Fitness class near you. Don't see a class in your area? Don't worry, we're expanding. Just drop us a line and tell us the city and location where you want to experience Jamme's Crunk Fitness. You might just want to become a Crunk Fitness Instructor and start your own classes. It’s a great way to get an awesome workout and make some extra cash at the same time. Ask about our instructor training.

Jamme's Crunk Fitness classes are power-packed with awesome
moves, exhilarating music, sweat-drenched bodies and fun, fun, fun! It's broken down for all levels so you can make it as basic or funky as you like. So what are you waiting for? Let's Go!


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