Jammes Crunk Fitness Hip-Hop Aerobics Dance Workout Jamme Morginn

About Jamme

Founder of Crunk Fitness

Jamme Morginn is the creator and founder of Crunk Fitness®, the high-energy dance workout that's so much fun it doesn't feel like you're working out. Jamme devotes a great deal of her time to helping people improve their health through physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices.

Jamme's first classes were in her church's basement. Next, Jamme moved to local clubs and dance studios to teach hip-hop aerobics to a rapidly growing following. As the character of the class changed, so did its name. Hip-Hop Aerobics became Hydraulic Hip-Hop, Cardio Hip-Hop, Cardio Hip-Hop 101 and finally Crunk Fitness®. Whatever her classes were called, they were full, so Jamme began to teach more and more classes and to travel to different locations. The high demand had her teaching 12 to 15 classes per week. While she was energized by helping so many people lose weight, get fit and focus on their health, she secretly dreamed of being able to send copies of herself to some classes.

A workout video, Jamme decided, would be the perfect way to get her workout to the people who wanted and needed it without having to be in more than one place at a time. The workout video was such a huge success that she began to create more videos. Jamme now certifies and trains instructors to teach her Crunk Fitness® workout. She never imagined that her small aerobics program would grow to it's current ever-increasing magnitude.


Jamme is featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and television shows. Her workout DVDs are now available throughout the United States and internationally. Jamme makes helping others a top priority in her life. Jamme's Crunk Fitness® - It's Fuuunnnn!!!